Girl Scout Cookie Season

Girl Scout cookies, anyone? You'll probably be getting a knock on your door sometime over the next few weeks from one of the girls in green trying make a sale or two. The annual cookie program started this past Saturday and will end in the middle of March.

To the buyers, it's all about the cookies. But to the Girl Scouts, the program has several valuable lessons. "Girls can use this as an opportunity to have life skills, goal setting and planning," said council initiation director Jan McKinney. "They could plan a special trip for the end of the year, or have activities they do throughout the year, keeping their things supplied and it's just a wonderful opportunity for them to get out in the public."

In addition to all the usual flavors, the Girl Scouts are selling a new cookie this year called pinatas. They're shortbread cookies with strawberry filling and icing.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,