Police Bust Holiday Burglary Suspects

Just some of the items recovered are pictured here.
Just some of the items recovered are pictured here.

The New Year brings good news to some Statesboro residents. They'll soon get back thousands of dollars worth of property stolen from their homes during the holidays. Statesboro police have four people in custody charged with nearly 30 out of 40 burglaries since Thanksgiving.

Det. James Winskey could open his own flea market with all the merchandise recovered. But the Statesboro detective is trying to match victims to the roomful of stolen goods recovered in 40 burglaries. They got a tip when one victim saw someone wearing their clothes. "We suspect they were scouting out other apartments to do another burglary," Winskey said. "They were walking through the complex."

They arrested Carlos Nesmith and Emmanuel Brooks on 13 burglary charges. A search warrant revealed TVs, stolen movie rentals and everything else imaginable. In these burglaries, crooks took everything from clothes to watches to pictures of people's loved ones.

Police say they arrested two other men, Michael Gadsden and Johnny Mac Brown, Jr., when they traced stolen property they say the men pawned.

They say they see these kind of burglaries every year when people leave home for the holidays. "I think this year was better because they were reported quicker," Winskey said. "People had more details of what property was."

Police say their challenge now is getting $80,000 of goods back to the owners after a busy holiday season.

Statesboro police say they recommend people notify them if they're leaving town for an extended time so they can patrol the neighborhood even heavier. They say no matter where you live, if you leave town for long period of time, carry any valuables with you that you can. Also record any serial numbers. That way, if they are stolen, they can be tracked easier and returned to you faster.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com