Mobile Home Owners Protest New Rules

The fight continues to protect thousands of mobile homes in one community. Hundreds of mobile home owners demanded changes at a meeting last night in Bulloch County, where commissioners will adopt restrictions they passed last month. Under the rules, mobile homes ten years old or older couldn't be located or relocated in Bulloch County without approval from the planning and zoning commission.

Leaders say surrounding counties had already passed similar rules and they didn't want Bulloch to become a dumping ground for dilapidated homes. But owners say the rules were vague and insulting. "We're just middle class people," said mobile home owner Jimmy Driggers. "We're not trying to ugly up the community. We're all God's children and this is America."

The commissioners formed a review committee to include mobile home owners to revise the rules. In the meantime, they'll waive the $100 charge to file for a variance.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,