Celebration showed Dogs' satisfaction

JACKSONVILLE, FLA (WTOC) - After beating Florida for the first time in four years and fourth time in 23 years, the Georgia Bulldogs and their fans reveled in the win at Jacksonville's EverBank Stadium.

Georgia's best moments in the biggest game of the season so far turned out to be the moments immediately after the game, when an inconsistent performance and years of disappointment disappeared into celebration.

"It was great,'' said UGA linebacker Jarvis Jones. "Guys just showed their emotion. It was a big game for us and a big game for the Bulldog Nation.''

"It was awesome,'' added UGA quarterback Aaron Murray. "It's a great feeling to see all the fans out there and see half the stadium filled and half empty. It was just an awesome feeling.''

And it was one the Dogs and their fans savored in the stadium long after the game, with end zone leaps and victory laps, because it was one they had not felt often lately.

"Everyone was saying Florida has our number, Florida has our number, Florida has our number,'' said Murray. "But it's a new year. It's a new team. This team was 0-0 against Florida, not 3-18. Right now this team is 1-0 against Florida and that's all that matters.''

As good as it felt, the 24-20 win was even better for the Dogs' season.

"Oh man, the celebration was amazing,'' said UGA nose guard John Jenkins. "Just to have that 'W' and to keep moving forward with our goals. It's amazing. It's amazing.''

And the only thing better now would be to repeat it.

"I've still got two more years left,'' said Murray. "I want to just have two years with that kind of feeling.''

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