Rock 'n' Roll Tip of the Day: Watch the Weather

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's good advice for everyone, every day.  Don't forget to keep watch the weather very closely.  That is the word from our running expert, Fleet Feet Sports owner, Robert Espinoza. He says all runners need to keep a constant check on the weather every day until Saturday's Rock n' Roll Marathon on Saturday.

"You have to be prepared for rain, wind, cold or high humidity. Things you are going to run with going to be next to your skin. Go into the drawers or your attics  and find the sweatshirt you don't want anymore, long sleeve shirts you don't want anymore, maybe your bridge run shirt . Even if it is in the 50's, I recommend everybody have a hat on and gloves on even in the high 50's because what happens is, you are going to be nervous anyway. When you are nervous, you tend to get a little bit chilly," explains Robert Espinoza.

When you get nervous, that's also when you start expending energy-  energy you will need for the race.  Before you take off from the starting line, take off all of those old sweats, hats and gloves. Leave them there.  Volunteers will collect them and they'll be donated to organizations that help the homeless.

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