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Editorial Salute - 11/3/11

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Perhaps unknown to most of us, select female soldiers are now serving up front, members of certain U.S. special operations teams, who work to pacify remote villages in Afghanistan, by earning the trust and support of residents. This new, and even-more dangerous role for military women came to light with the recent combat death of Army First- Lieutenant Ashley White, killed with others, by an IED in Southern Afghanistan.

Your first thought has to be, here we go again, carelessly using the military for social engineering.  Perhaps the best, recent example of a forced, politically-motivated, gender-experiment is the inclusion of women on  submarine crews.  Apart from the millions in retro-fit expense to accommodate them, our subs, especially the ballistic ones, stay submerged for months at a time.  While we all must wish this lab experiment well for the sake of the nation, you can connect the dots.  The good news, although brought to light by tragedy, is that, unlike the submarine situation, there is genuine justification for including highly-trained women with our special ops teams.  Within the strict, Muslim culture, there are certain things that males simply aren't permitted to do.  Women in uniform, however, can when needed, frisk village females to determine if they're hiding weapons, or are in fact, even women!  They can also, more easily, achieve trust and confidence with them.  While we're definitely saddened by, and mourn the loss of Lieutenant Ashley White, with women and children reportedly making up 71% of the Afghan population, the role that she, and other strong and brave women who follow, is so very critical to the ultimate success of the mission.  Whether women or men, we're indebted, beyond words, to all who serve, and sacrifice, for our great nation.

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