National Trucking Company Seeks Local Drivers

New jobs are on the way for local truckers, and those who are looking to get into the profession. Tomorrow, the country's largest truckload carrier's rolling a job fair into town. How many jobs come to town depends on how many job seekers show up.

While traffic picked up at the Georgia Ports Authority today, chatter about the new jobs courtesy of the Chicago-based Schneider Trucking Company was also gaining steam.

"I worked for Schneider's for six years," said trucker Tony Baker. "It was a good company."

"It's a good company," agreed independent trucker Jim Kersch. "Their employees seem happy."

Wednesday afternoon, Schneider trucking will hold a career fair in Savannah. The company is hiring for 400 trucking jobs as they expand across Georgia. Spokespeople say the company has already earmarked 100 jobs for Savannah. That number could go up, depending on how many people show up at the job fair. Local trucking companies say the market is here.

Bo-Mark Transport operations manager Darryl Holder claims a new business will help take the load off other trucking operations. He says the competition is healthy, and the real winners will be truckers looking for steady work, eespecially independent operators. "An owner-operator only makes money when he has a load to handle, and that's what they are looking for," he said.

For Schneider, no experience is necessary. A free training program could land a new employee a job making anywhere from $32,500 to $36,500. Experienced drivers earn an average salary between $42,500 and $51,500. Those numbers are music to truckers' ears.

The Schneider Trucking job fair will be held tomorrow, Jan. 14, from 8am to 4pm at the Department of Labor offices at 5520 White Bluff Road.

Reported by: Don Logana,