InSITE--The Law on the 'Net

They've been on the 'web for a while, but now a whole new look for one of the oldest organizations around. The Savannah Police Department. The look is a bit familiar, but the site is much more friendly. Start right on the front page, the first column on the left as you look at the screen, "Hot Topics," where they'll take you to a list of the most recent wanted from Crimestoppers including a link to the list that started it all, the FBI's most wanted. Plus a link to Crimestoppers anonymous form where you can help them catch criminals.

Back to SPD, there's a section on the continuing police merger, which should answer the basic questions about the process. And even a way you can check out jobs with the department. If you'd just like to help, there's more information about the Citizens Police Academy. Plus the same news releases we use for the basic information on our stories. Like Joe Friday used to say, "...just the facts, ma'am."

Speaking of facts, a set of pages on everyday items you might not even know the department provides, like bike registration or kid fingerprinting, even gun safety instruction, and free home inspections. Plus a full page of the department's specialized units, from horses and dogs to officers doing jobs you may never have heard of, but might someday need.