New Information in Sheppard Murder

Dean Kicklighter knows what it's like to have a loved one murdered, and the crime go unsolved. Sixteen years ago, his brother Randall was killed. He was only 23 years old. "Thank God, with help from others calling in, it took 5 1/2 years to get the evidence to prove who had my brother killed," said Kicklighter. "It was his father-in-law."

In the 1991 case of Alex Sheppard, a US government witness murdered after testifying, Savannah-Chatham police have had a much harder time.  Now, they may be one step closer to solving the 13-year-old murder. Today police announced they have new information on the death, but they need your help to find out more.

Alex Sheppard's body was dumped at Magizine and Feely streets. Police still have not figured out who placed his body there or killed him, but now, Lt. Andre Oliver says new confidential information has surfaced in the Sheppard case. This afternoon, he made a plea to the public, hoping someone out there has even more information on Sheppard's murder.

"Anything you may have, you think is irrelevant, call anyway," he said. "We'll decide if it is important and we'll probably look into it anyway."

"Murderers are people," said Kicklighter. "They are going to talk about what they did. In their sick minds, in some way, they are proud, so somebody out there knows who killed somebody."

It worked for Randall Kicklighter's family. Police hope Alex Sheppard's family will get the same closure. If you have any information about the Alex Sheppard murder case, call or CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Don Logana,