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Editorial feedback - 10/31/11

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Mr. Cathcart
You nailed it right on the head again in your 10-31-11 editorial. The president, in his mind, made all the right moves. So did Stalin, Hitler, Mao. Well, ask them. They thought they were the greatest who sanctified this planet with the imprint of their feet.

If you confront them they will have a temper tantdrum.This country is run by idiotic, self-centered politicians, or as you put it: anti-American elitists. If this is the hippy generation ruling us now, can you imagine the next ?

A God-less society in a godless country, run by godless people !!!!

You wrote: Welcome to our national reality. The entitlement-mentality. Increased takers, decreased makers I cannot believe how far and low this country has come, this fast. as all of those anti-America clusters strive to deliver us from the nagging-inconvenience of freedom
Well, empires come and empires go, mostly destroyed from within.

I am so glad that I am old and experienced a wonderful, magnificent, kind, generous, fantastic and great America.

Well, at last the foundation is being laid for a one world government and the Anti-Christ.
I told you in one of my replies that we will go from one crisis to another, and another.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.

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