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InSITE--Bringing The Final Frontier to Your Computer

It's the buzz in the science world and plenty of other places, President George Bush's new proposal to explore space. It raises all sorts of possibilities and questions. I found lots of answers on the 'Web.

Start with a couple of reminders. A few weeks back we took you to Explore Mars Now. If you didn't go then, you should check it now, and see some of the science involved in getting man to Mars. They have a very cool example of a mars habitat for humans, a place we can live and study on the forbidding red planet. Explore it in your free time. Remember, these people are serious. So serious, they have a similar habitat set up in the arctic and people actually live in it to test some of the concepts.

But back to space. Literally. Our Internet guru, Charles Gray pointed you to this site,, and you could spend a lot of time here. The lead story is of course, the President's call to action. Perhaps even more importantly, some perspective from folks who are willing to go along, but do point to some potential problems along the way.

If you're worried about NASA itself, and a lot of people are, check out NASAwatch. It's not an official NASA site, and can be very critical of the space agency. Critical, but supportive.

Once you've read some of the pros and cons, take a look back. I found an article written almost a year ago, well before the new Bush Administration plan went public, explaining what we've gained from past space missions.

When you're tired of all the homework and reading assignments, check out the images from, and of space. They post an Image of the Day, which can be pretty or dramatic, depending on the day. Plus galleries of all kinds of images. Among my favorites, the view of earth from space, with an artistic flair.

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