Editorial - 11/14/11

In tribute to famed cartoon character, Daffy Duck, some examples of those who, in real life, can't resist saying and doing Looney-things .  First up, Nancy "We've Got To Pass It To See What's In It" Pelosi, defending the almost two-thousand, Fed-granted-waivers, from those onerous, new healthcare rules. Said she: "They're small companies… very, very small companies… they won't have a big impact on the economy."  Yep, just very, very small companies and organizations, on the waiver-list, like that teeny-weeny, mom-n-popper called McDonald's.  Then there's Vice-President Biden who, again this year, is charging the Secret Service $26,400 rent for the cottage the agents stay in on his Delaware property.  So then, beyond his salary and benefits, tax-payers will also be providing him the rent he has the nerve to charge for those who protect his life.

PETA has filed a lawsuit against Sea World, claiming the orca whales there are "slaves," in violation of the 13th Amendment.  Equating the scourge of human-slavery with well-cared-for whales, has rightly enraged many.  Then last Friday, the mayor of a California town chose to attend another fantasy-land "Occupy" rally, rather than participate in her local Veteran's Day ceremony.  Like so many of the demonstrators she preferred to be with, a delusional ingrate.  Speaking of our treasured veterans, a proposed House resolution calls for placing President Roosevelt's poignant D-Day prayer within Washington's World War II Memorial, the very same words broadcast to our nation as our courageous troops fought their way ashore at Normandy.  With the Administration's desire to replace God with Government, the Bureau of Land Management objects to including FDR's powerful-prayer, claiming it would "dilute the memorial's central message."  Ask our veterans. What message from that valiant and victorious war effort could be more central than the protective grace and blessings of Almighty God.  No question, Daffy Duck has spawned a whole lot of off-spring!