InSITE--The Dream on the 'Web

The parades are over, the church services complete for another year, but Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy is a year 'round thing. It even has a home on the World Wide Web.

The place to start is the King Center in Atlanta. There's a lot to see, lots of substance, not flash or fancy graphics. Your first stop should be to meet the man himself. Doctor King died way before the 'web, or most web surfers were born. This site serves as an introduction to the man, and the minister. Read a little from his bio and get the information first hand, not just from what you hear.

Then put some perspective on his short life, that accomplished so much, a timeline with a lot of interesting facts. Did you know someone once stabbed Doctor King, in Harlem, at a book signing? or that he spent time in the Georgia State Prison at Reidsville?

Now, put some passion and a voice to the events. The legacy link contains excerpts from some of Doctor King's speeches, and they are a good sampling of why he is a man millions of people followed then as he changed the course of history, and will millions more who will never hear him speak still follow his dream. After you listen, there is a sales pitch of sorts to join the center's programs, but at least click your way around and see the King legacy and it's efforts today.