Someone You Should Know--Dr. Carol Williams-Brown

Dr. Carol Williams-Brown
Dr. Carol Williams-Brown

Dr. Carol Williams-Brown is a busy optometrist. But, she's also dedicated to the community and the Martin Luther King, Jr., Observance Day Association. She started as a judge for the MLK parade and eventually became the association's president.

As soon as Dr. Williams-Brown moved to Savannah in the early '80s, she joined the group. "I'd been to several states and had never seen a celebration like Savannah's, so immediately I thought that I would get involved," she recalled.

For the last 11 years, she's held the role of president, a job that requires her to do a little bit of everything to make sure Martin Luther King Day is a memorable one. "Dr. King was a special person, I do believe that he was God's gift to this nation," she said. "We would be such a different country, a different world, were it not for this one man."

Dr. Williams-Brown also says her job is to help make sure Dr. King's dream is a reality. "I think what we do is for an excellent cause," she said. "It's not just about celebrating his birth in January, but we give scholarships and we have our Community Giveback program."

And giving back is what it's all about. Whether it's celebrating a true hero or reaching out to those in need, Dr. Carol Williams-Brown has her hand in it all, making her Someone You Should Know.

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