Editorial - 11/21/11

The President has been stumping for another multi-billion dollar stimulus, this time packaged as a highly-selective jobs bill.  The proven formula to stimulate employment is, of course, to lower fed taxes, reduce regulation, and let our private-sector growth-engine go to work.  Sadly, the President disagrees, preferring instead to useng still more money we don't have, to spend our way out of the crisis, because when it comes to hiring, or most everything else, (quote): "We can't wait!"

That said, isn't it curious, then, that the Administration chose to hold-off on  more-than 20-thousand new, high-paying jobs, by delaying, until after the election, approval of the 17-hundred-mile Keystone XL Pipeline, designed to bring abundant Canadian oil directly to our Gulf Coast refineries.  Forget all those jobs, and increasing our oil-security.  Whenever today's environmental-zealots object, as they do to this project, politics trumps what's best for our nation. Along with angering the job-seeking unions, the move miffed Canada, turning its oil-sales sights now to China.   And isn't it curious that the Administration has cancelled a mineral-rights auction at a national forest in Ohio, so that still more environmental testing can take place.  Ignoring the fact that over a thousand oil and gas wells are already operating there, and that perhaps 200-thousand additional jobs would be added by 2015.  Isn't it curious that this "we can't wait," job-crusading White House is side-stepping tens of thousands of high-paying fossil-fuel jobs handed to it on a platter, while committing, and losing, billions, gambling on "green" energy companies.  So then, as collective actions have clearly shown, this White House has no realistic intention of reducing our dependence on overseas oil.  The only acceptable new jobs seem to be those bearing environmental-lobby approval.  This current new-hiring freeze may well generate a private-sector- union cold-shoulder next November.