Fund for Tuskegee Airman

Last fall, WTOC reported the sad story of Tuskegee Airman James Wright of Savannah, whose caretaker stole $26,000 of his savings. Now, fellow airmen are determined to help this man whom they regard as a true American hero. That caretaker, Debra Mosley, was arrested and charged and we're told she's admitted her guilt. But sadly, Airman Wright's savings are gone.

However, it's good to be able to report that some of our neighbors aren't about to let this story end that way, and you can help. People in our area have been generous, but not all of the $26,000 have been restored.

But you can help by contributing to the Airman's Council fundraiser for Mr. Wright. Mail or deliver your check or money order made out to the "165th Airlift Wing's James Wright Fund" to Wachovia Bank, 4516 Augusta Road, Garden City, GA 31408.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sonny Dixon. He's working along with with the 165th Airlift Wing.