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Editorial Salute - 11/24/11

A repeat visit to an observation post in Eastern Afghanistan, manned by Afghan Border Police, should've been routine, but on November 29th, 2010, it wasn't.  That day, a platoon from the 101st Airborne Division arrived at the outpost to check on the alignment of the unit's rockets, double-checking their impact-accuracy.  As the first was fired, without warning, one of the Afghan police began firing at our troops, at close range, within seconds, effectively executing five, with shots to the head. Standing with his First Lieutenant, realizing they were exposed to the shooter, Sergeant First-Class Barry Jarvis, immediately pushed his lieutenant out of the line of fire, but in so doing, was mortally-wounded himself. Other platoon members killed the gunman, but tragically, only after he'd murdered six Americans. Two weeks ago, at Fort Campbell, Sergeant First-Class Barry Jarvis was posthumously-awarded the Silver Star, America's third-highest medal for valor.  Among those present, the platoon leader whose life was spared by Sergeant Jarvis, and for whom no day passes, without reflecting on that heroic act. 

Isn't it amazing.  On the one hand, we have the real one-percent, courageous  young American patriots in uniform, like soldier-husband-father Barry Jarvis, whose selfless-service helps preserve the blessed sovereignty, security, and freedom we cherish.  While, on the other, we have urban "occupiers," spoiled, dependent children, acting-up in hopes that a Marxist government will give them all they need, minus, of course, the need to work for it.  Contrast the noble, self-sacrifice of those in service, with the delusional self-gratifying antics of those adrift. At this time of thanksgiving, be ever grateful for all those who serve, those of value and valor, those proud to be Americans, who volunteer to protect us, no matter the cost.

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