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LaShune Moore - WTOC Player of the Week

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LaShune Moore LaShune Moore

LaShune Moore of Appling County is the WTOC Player of the Week. The quarterback in Georgia's nuclear city lit it up for 232 yards passing with 3 touchdowns coming in the playoffs at North Oconee.  "I'm glad to get this, I'm honored," said Moore about the honor.

I guess the offensive line gave you plenty of time to throw the ball? "Yeah, plenty of time," said Moore. "I could sit back there and think. That's good, when your linemen block for you, protect you, you can make plays."

The performance is even more spectacular considering the Memphis transfer is in his first year of playing football. "His success this year is a testament to his hard work and his dedication," said Pirates head coach J. T. Pollock. "He was here every day this summer, hours watching film, hours working on his technique. We're just so proud of him because of the advancements he has made throughout the season."

"It's hard work, hard work," said Moore. "He pushed me every day, every day, work hard."

Is it a case of the game slowed down for him? "I think so, yes," said Polloch. "Again, he is starting to understand his reads. Of course, this is his first year playing so the more games he plays, the better off he's going to be and the more things he's going to see, and the more confidence he's going to gain. Yes, I would say the game is slowing down for him."

What's more fun for you, passing or running? "Passing, I love passing." It's not a case of not wanting to get hit is it? "No, it's not that. I love to pass the ball. I'm a team player. I'm not selfish."

Pollock added, "I would say he's developed into much more of a passer. Early in the season he would panic a little bit and he was looking to run. Now he is doing a better job of keeping his eyes down field and looking for open receivers."

Now it may get even more difficult. Next up in the playoffs is a road trip to Lamar. "It's going to take a great effort," said Pollock. "It's a football game, it's going to take protecting the football, solid blocking, solid tackling, solid special teams play and hopefully we're going to make a few big plays as well."

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