Editorial - 11/28/11

A strange thing happened last week on the road to national deficit- reduction… nothing.  Of little surprise to some, most-notably top-level left-wing elite, the Super-committee's anointed gang-of-twelve announced mission-failure, flat-lining after doing belly-whackers off the high-board into the treasury's empty pool.  While the nation hoped, perhaps naively, that this designated-group of  Houdini's could pull critically-needed reductions out of a hat, from which even the bunny had bailed, the committee stalemate appeared predestined.  This heavily-hyped and politicized exercise was actually, in the words of Thomas Sowell "designed to fail."  And that's because liberal committee members would accept no Republican cuts-proposal that did not include at least a trillion-dollars in tax hikes, likely destined not to reduce our spend-a-holic indebtedness, accelerated by the original stimulus-to-nowhere, but rather to give the Administration still more to redistribute among supporters, and gamble more billions on government-dependent green ventures, their current and costly obsession.  Even a multi-billion-dollar Republican tax-hike proposal was ignored, since it included tax-code reform to broaden the payer-base rather than further hammering the businesses and individuals who create jobs.

And by the way, where was the President while all of the deficit-reduction wrangling was going on?  Mostly out-of-town campaigning, rather than, if truly serious about correcting our financial melt-down, digging-in as our chief-executive to help lead that committee to some common ground.  Instead, pretending to stand above and apart from the Washington fray, much like a puppy hiding with its tail in plain view, the President stepped over the smoldering super-ashes, to vilify Republicans for putting politics above nation.  That pontification, dear mirror-on-the-wall, is a classic case of the pot looking remarkably like the kettle.