Top Teacher--Bob Graham

Bob Graham
Bob Graham

It's not always easy to teach children using only books. Sometimes you need some hands-on learning. One Savannah Christian educator is doing just that by bringing the real world into the classroom. Bob Graham uses a lot of his own energy to teach his students biology.

"If It involves a living thing, I teach it," he said.

He studied reptiles and amphibians in college, and there are a lot of living things in Graham's classroom, like cages with snakes. "It either helps them from getting a better grasp or it keeps their hands away from the cages," Graham said. "Either way it works."

These living creatures help teach the students about the real world.

"I had him since last year, he is hilarious in the classroom," said student Amber Stewart. "I love biology and he makes it more fun for us. He finds ways to keep you interested. He finds a way to make you learn."

"I enjoy watching them enjoy the same subject I love," said Graham.

Bob Graham, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,