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Craig Heidt's attorney says prosecution hid evidence

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Nearly one year ago, an Effingham County court convicted Craig Heidt of killing his brother and father and shooting his mother.

But this week Craig Heidt's defense attorney Dow Bonds says he uncovered a bombshell that justifies a new trial.

He says the prosecution never produced what might be the murder weapon.

"The bottom line is you have Robin Heidt delivering the identical weapon that the state is conteding was used in the murders to a person right before the trial," Bonds said.

Bonds says Robin Heidt gave the shotgun to an acquantance named Walter Dumas before the trial and asked him to repair it.

"He didn't think anything of it. He took the weapon in and kept it in his home office for a few weeks. When the trial started in late December, apparently he heard the state was contending that a Remington 870 shotgun was used in the killings. So he pulled it out of the case and saw that it was the same kind of gun. He immediately called the sheriff's office," Bonds said.

In the affidavit, Walter Dumas says the week of the trial he brought the shotgun directly to Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie.

"We were never notified by the sheriff's office, the district attorney, or the GBI," Bonds said.

Sheriff McDuffie says his office followed proper protocol and that everything was done above board. Sheriff McDuffie says it is unethical to try this case outside the courtroom and he can't comment further until after the hearing.

"We strongly feel like if we had this evidence at trial that we could have presented it. We could have cross examined witnesses. We feel like there would have been an acquittal had we had this evidence," Bonds said.

A hearing is scheduled for December 19th. Heidt's attorney says Craig still has a good relationship with his mother and brother and that they fully support him.

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