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Editorial - 12/5/11

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Several in Congress are calling for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation. Why the tough-love? For starters, Mr. Holder got off on the wrong judicial-foot, when, with a purely-political edict, he over-ruled career Justice Department staff intent on prosecuting New Black Panther Party members, caught on-tape allegedly intimidating voters in Philadelphia.  That stink never dissipated, sparking his credibility mud-slide.  Then the insistence on trying militant-detainees under civilian rules in New York, rather than by appropriate military-tribunal at Gitmo, a blunder, mercifully, short-lived.  Next, filing suit against Arizona's anti-illegal-immigration law, that directly mirrored the federal one, purposely unenforced, then pouncing on such laws in other states, as well, far-left-motives, pathetically-transparent.

But aromatic meadow-biscuits really piled-up around Mr. Holder following an irresponsible-stunt initiated by his ATF division in 2009.  Known as "Operation Fast and Furious," this scheme permitted the sale to suspects of over a thousand firearms, to see if they would end up with Mexican drug gangs. And did they ever, with disastrous results, in Mexico, and with the murder, by Mexican thugs, of ATF agent Brian Terry, within the State of Arizona, ten-miles from the Mexican border!  Despite before-hand- knowledge denials, leading to claims of false House Committee testimony, such a high-risk operation couldn't have been green-lighted without OK's from much higher-up.  As with the out-of-control EPA and NRLB, DOJ's punitive-over-reach breeds injustice.  Along with his boss, Mr. Holder has proven himself to be far too left for a country that isn't. Credibility shattered from the start, the best outcome, as many in Congress have urged, would be for him to pack-up his stuff and head-on down oblivion's one-lane road.

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