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Murder suspect will face possible death penalty


Kenneth Lumpkin showed no emotion in court as prosecutors gave him the formal notice. They will ask for the death penalty if a jury finds him guilty in the murder of Lori Arrowood, a soldier's wife who disappeared last fall and who's body was found days later. District Attorney Tom Durden told the court the charges against Lumpkin include what the law calls aggravated circumstances.

"First, the crime was committed while the defendant was in the commission of kidnapping with bodily injury," Durden explained. "Second, that it was committed while he was in the commission of an aggravated battery and third, that it involved depravity of mind, torture and inhumane treatment of the victim."

Lumpkin was arrested days after the disappearance and Liberty County investigators said then Lumpkin told them where to find the body in Long County. Lumpkin initially faced indictment in Liberty County because investigators said the crimes happen on that side of the Liberty-Long County line. With recent information, prosecutors believe the crimes occurred in Long.

Durden said Lumpkin's former job as a sheriff's jailer means nothing in the case.

"Who you were will not have any affect on what we feel the evidence will show you've done," the DA stated.

The request for death penalty adds several more hearings to the process before a trial. Lumpkin will now receive an attorney certified to handle death penalty cases. Lumpkin will return to court in January with new counsel.

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