Board of Elections: Voter turnout in Chatham Co. higher than predicted

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - From Tybee Island to Savannah  in Chatham County to Long County and Appling County, voters have returned to the polls to decide a few races November elections did not.

Chatham County Board of Elections officials told WTOC Tuesday afternoon early estimates of a low voter turnout have proved wrong so far. It's news that Edna Jackson and Jeff Felser welcome.

The two Savannah mayoral candidates will be happier if those voters, voted for them. The county predicted less than 10 percent voter turnout, a low number. They now say all indications from calls to voting precincts are those numbers are actually above the 10 percent mark.

It has been a steady day at the polls on runoff Tuesday. Beautiful weather has helped the turnout numbers providing no voting obstacles. The Chatham County Board of Elections said all 54 polling locations in Savannah have reported solid numbers.

The question will be who came out to vote and who did they vote for in the race for mayor of Savannah.

Voter Cloea Little said it doesn't matter who, as long as they vote.

"Vote. It's our right and our privilege," Little said. "This is the first time I voted in a run-off election. Ii almost didn't come out. Then I said, I better hurry up, get dressed, vote and go to work. Shouldn't everybody be voting?"

"I think they are," Jeff Felser told WTOC on Monday. "In fact, I think we will have a lot better turn out than people are expecting."

"The turnout looks good, at least in this location, and I am very pleased about it," Jackson said Tuesday morning after voting at Bible Baptist Church in Savannah.

Fewer voters, and 35 fewer polling locations in Chatham County versus the 89 locations in November, means a quicker turn around for results in the mayor's race as well as the city of Savannah Alderman At-Large Post Two run-off between Clinton Young and Tom Bordeaux.

The last time, during a run-off election, elections supervisor Russell Bridges said returns and all results, including absentee ballots and early voting, were completed and counted by 9:15pm. He expects the same thing to happen Tuesday night, unless there is an unexpected rush of voters near 7 p.m.

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