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Editorial Salute - 12/8/11

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Seventy years ago this week, America suffered its first major attack, unexpected and unprovoked, when Japanese forces largely destroyed our major naval assets at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  As debilitating as that incredible damage and loss of life was to our military strength at sea, the impact could have been much more severe and conclusive, had our few aircraft carriers not been out, and away from port, at the time of the attack.  And that proved to be a clear blessing when, just a few months later, those surviving carriers made it possible for us to essentially-destroy the long-range-aggression capability of the Japanese, by sinking the bulk of their carriers at Midway. 

Last Sunday, a large gathering of local patriots, including several of our cherished World War II veterans, came to the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, to pay tribute to the over-two-thousand service members and civilians who perished in the Pearl Harbor attack, and to remember all of the courageous Americans who, soon thereafter, joined our nation's military to help defeat our nation's, and the remaining free-world's enemies.  In addition to narratives read about that time of infamy, a key-note address on the Pearl attack and its lasting impact was delivered by Navy Captain Joseph Creed, Commanding Officer of the cruiser, USS Normandy, then visiting Savannah. 

Ceremonies like these serve to focus our thoughts and attention on those things that really matter… our sovereignty, our freedom and our boundless opportunities, all made possible by God's grace, and the courageous sacrifices made, past and present, by the dedicated and brave, men and women, of America's magnificent military.

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