Experts offer electrical safety tips for holidays

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's that time of year when the holiday decorations go up, but there are some serious electrical and fire hazards, experts warn.

Thirty percent of home fires occur during the December and February. With 80 percent of American's expected to decorate for the holidays the Electrical Safety Foundation International has teamed up with the home depot to provide holiday safety tips to make safety a tradition.

"In picking extension cords make sure you have an indoor cord for indoor uses and outdoor cord for outdoor uses. You want to make sure any outdoor cords are plugged into a GFC outlet - a single outlet for those decorations. You don't want to string three sets of lights together that can be very dangerous, also avoid stacking plus. You want one plug for each decoration leading back to outlet," said Mike McGee, pro desk supervisor at Home Depot.

Avoid overloading outlets. Inspect each electrical decoration to make sure it is not damaged. Never connect more than three stands of lights together and turn off and unplug all decorations before leaving the house or going to sleep.

Another major cause of house fires are unattended candles.

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