Foster Pet Owners Sought

They're cute and cuddly, and they need your help. A Low Country group is trying to rescue dogs and cats who are in danger of being put to down. When they know an animal's been in the shelter and is close to being euthanized, the Beaufort Humane Association swoops in, and puts it up in a foster home, until it's permanently adopted out.

Right now, foster owner Kelley Blackston's got four dogs, and as much fun as it is to play with them, she knows they're not hers for long. "I will feel great knowing that they're going to a good home," she said.

The foster program's only been in Beaufort County for a couple years, but it's helping save dogs and cats from being euthanized. The biggest problem they have is that there aren't enough volunteers to handle the amount of dogs and cats that go to shelters.

"It's a year-round battle," said Blackston. "There are obviously more dogs than there are homes for them, but especially this time of year, after the Christmas season, they have a lot of puppies coming in."

This is Blackston's first batch of foster puppies, but she says there's already a good chance she'll take in another group when these are gone. "Once I evaluate a dog it's hard to say, well too bad," she said. "So I'm sure I'll keep going with these dogs."

To try and recruit new foster homes, Blackston's offering discounts on dog training courses that she teaches, and is even extending another discount to people who adopt animals. If you want to volunteer, contact the Beaufort Humane Association at 843.522.4499 or 843.757-2421.

The foster homes that are in the program already tend to be enthusiastic about it. We talked to one foster owner who has looked after 70 different animals in the last couple years.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,