Love Connection Couple--Lee and Judy Maltenfort

Lee and Judy Maltenfort met in New York in 1964. He was a Vietnam vet writing for ABC Radio and she was a realtor. Their paths crossed when Lee stopped by Judy's office. "I went in to take a look at the model apartments, which were abominable, but there was a very attractive woman running the office," Lee recalled. "I came back to the office and said, 'I don't like any of the apartments, but I'm going to marry you.'"

"I was speaking to the woman who runs the credit checks for us and I said, 'I just had this idiot here who tells me he's going to marry me,'" Judy told us.

You see, Judy was already engaged to another man, but less than two weeks later, she was singing a different tune to her coworker. "Eleven days later she called and said, 'Did you have a good weekend?' I said yes," Judy said. "She said, 'What did you do?' I said, 'Oh, I married the idiot.'"

"It was just a whole amalgam of things that was very appealing at one time and something said, don't go any further. This is it," said Lee.

"We just enjoyed each other so much, I remember thinking he would be fun to spend the rest of my life with," said Judy.

And the rest, as they say, is history. They're still together after 40 years of marriage. "And we're together a lot," said Lee. "We're really very fortunate, because we can live together work together and enjoy both all the time."

Lee and Judy run the BXI Trade Exchange office in Savannah. They used to run a home decor business and they love collecting artwork together.

"I can't think of anybody who I'd rather spend that time with," she said.

They say it works because they talk a lot. There are no surprises, and they try to keep each other happy. "The secret to a marriage is two words: yes, dear," Lee said.

They say friendship is important, too. "As much as I love Judy, I like her a lot more," said Lee. "As I said to our son one day, it really isn't looking forward to going to bed with someone, it's looking forward to getting up and spending the day with them."

Judy's opinion of her husband? "He's just a wonderful, kind, thoughtful person."

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Reported by: Shannon Royster,