Love Connection Couple--Scott and Kathy Chamberlain

Kathy and Scott Chamberlain
Kathy and Scott Chamberlain

Kathy Chamberlain met her husband Scott when her cousin brought him by her house in 1965. "I thought now he is real good looking and there is no way that I'd have a chance with him," Kathy recalled.

Scott tells a different story. "She just absolutely took my heart away from me," he said. Scott told Kathy she would be his wife the next time he saw her. "I told her we're going to get married. It wasn't a question, it was a statement."

"I'm like, no this is not the decision I'm ready to make, but the more we talked, he convinced me," Kathy said. "He did a good sales talk."

They were married august 5, 1967. But Scott was in the military, and they did a lot of moving and spent a lot of time apart. "We lived in Maine about 14 months and then I went to Iceland for two years, took her back home," Scott said. "She came to Iceland for a while. I went to Vietnam, sent her back home."

So they wrote letters. Kathy says that time was scary. She knew when she got his letter it was written two weeks prior. "I would say anything could've happened, and I had to visualize make myself, think no he's on the other side of that box and he's putting that letter in the box right then," she said. "It was too hard to live with."

Now things are a lot different. They spend all their time together, reading, traveling, and surprising each other. "It's always something different," Kathy told us. And Scott said, "I'm an affectionate type of person. I like to hug and there's a sparkle there. She just makes my day. Without her, life wouldn't be worth living."

That's why he wrote a love letter to WTOC for Kathy. She read it for the first time while we were there. "You're not supposed to do this kind of stuff and then make me cry," she told Scott.

Romance, friendship and remembering their vows keep them together. "You've got to remember the good times when the worse times comes and ride the storm," Kathy said.

After 37 years of marriage, the Chamberlains only see sunshine "I could stay like this for 10,000 years and I'd be as happy as can be," Scott told us.

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Reported by: Shannon Royster,