Zero Tolerance for Violence in Schools

It's one of the most important things to parents, knowing their children are safe at school. But incidents in Savannah-Chatham County schools over the past few months have made safety an issue. The latest was just yesterday at the Savannah Arts Academy, where two students were arrested for bringing weapons on school grounds. During a random police search, officers found weapons in some students' cars.

"During that search, they found two knives in one vehicle, brass weapons in the other vehicle," reported Cpt. Joan Sasser of the campus police.

The school suspended both students. Now they're in the Chatham County jail awaiting an expulsion hearing

The board of education is trying to get the word out. There will be absolute zero tolerance for students bringing any type of weapon to school or if there's any violent behavior.

On Monday, two Windsor Forest High School students were convicted of beating up Cameron Turner, a teacher at that school. Both of those students were sent to a juvenile detention center to serve five years.

And just last Friday, Janae Thorpe claims she was trying to break up a fight between her sister Ashley and another student at Groves High School when Janae was stabbed in the eye with a pen. All three girls were suspended and are also awaiting an expulsion hearing. "I didn't do anything," said Janae, who feels the school's policy is "stupid."

Campus police say they are doing everything they can to keep the violence under control. Officers are patrolling every middle and high school in Chatham County, ensuring if students break the law, they will pay the consequences. "We will not tolerate any type of violence or drugs on school campus," said Capt. Sasser.

Capt. Sasser tells students before coming to campus always, always check your vehicle and book bags. Because if there is something in there that doesn't belong, it can ruin your academic career

Reported by: Hena Daniels,