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Editorial - 12/12/11

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Last week, in Kansas, the President delivered a major campaign speech.  Much of his address spoke to the laudable notion of fairness, saying, among other things (quote):  "We are greater together, when everyone engages in fair play, everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share."

Admirable thoughts, though a tad vague.  So, let's try to put some meat on those bones, no offence to vegetarians or PETA.  Undeniably, as with the post-Pearl and 9-11 unifying-surges in patriotism and pride, America was, then, and would again  today, be even greater, were all of society pulling-together, rather than encouraged to pull-a-part, as orchestrated by the continual D.C. drum-beat of heightened class resentment and social differences.  As, for instance, the move to shun those darn Christians and Jews, who refuse to move their religious symbols, traditions and worship underground, totally away from public view, knowing full-well that just the sight of such, casts an irreversible-spell of instant-conversion on non-believers, and the otherwise easily-annoyed.  And, then, there are Satan's off-spring, those evil rich individuals and successful businesses who persist in providing, as conditions allow, jobs, training, and opportunities for others, shamefully offering employee-pathways to career advancement.  Clearly, then, the religious, and especially the wealthy, those who growth the economy and keep non-profits alive, should be set-apart, while America's truly-worthy, the elites, illegals, radicals, the disenchanted, irresponsible, and willfully-dependent, all should be glorified, and multiplied, as a nurturing and adoring central-government sings their praise.  In two weeks, another rationed, CAT-scan look, at officialdom's vision of fairness.

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