Top Teacher--Sherri Walsh

Sherri Walsh
Sherri Walsh

Love of reading is what led one Chatham County educator to the classroom. Sherri Walsh teaches reading to her students at West Chatham Middle School. Teaching is her second career, and she's been on the job for just three years. "I was a recreation therapist, I taught and lectured to different people that was the most fun interacting and teaching," she said.

So Walsh went back to school to get her teaching certificate and has been in the classroom ever since. She hopes to turn her love of teaching and reading into lifelong passions for the students. "I've always loved to read, the teachers I had really influenced my reading," Walsh said. "I hope to instill that on these children so they can be like that also."

"She's very nice teacher, teaches us a lot," said student Kierra Bryant. "She loves to help us, does a lot of activities."

"I like to interact with the kids," said Walsh. "I think part of school is not just to learn but to also make memories. I try to do things that don't make reading a chore but rather fun for them."

Sherri Walsh, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,