Some Parents Concerned About School "Cross Dressing" Event

Some parents of Coastal Middle School Students are upset. They say their children's school is allowing them to dress in drag. The eighth graders at Coastal Middle were told that boys can dress up like girls and girls can dress up like boys. School officials say it's just a fun event in the name of charity.

But some parents are afraid their children are being sent the wrong message and want to see activities like this stopped immediately. "Boys are dressing up like girls, girls are dressing up like boys," said concerned parent Donald Lee. "I don't believe it's the right message to be sending out to our kids."

What was suppose to be an event for students to raise money for victims of cancer, by playing dress up, has parents like Lee outraged. After keeping his own daughter home from school, he says having kids dress up like the opposite sex is just wrong. "I've talked to ten parents who told me they didn't know it was like this and told me they would not send their kids this way," he said.

But according to members of the board of education, nobody was forced to participate in anything and parents were notified way before this event ever took place. "Anytime an event happens, the principal and or teacher sends a letter to parents, lists the activities, the purpose of the activities and a place on the sheet for them to either sign off yes or no, and that determines who participates and who doesn't," said board spokesman James Harvey.

While the board of education says this particular event's been taken way out of context, they do understand how it could be misconstrued. "The principal looks at these things whenever we do get complaints and they evaluate accordingly," said Harvey.

Board officials say they will look at this particular event a little more closely, but for now they won't be making any changes.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,