Winning M&Ms Found in South Carolina

A South Carolina woman's passion for chocolate has changed her life. Frances Gailey bought herself a bag of M&Ms, but she had no idea what was in store when she opened the bag. Black and white candies are what she expected...instead, she got one of the colors sought in the company's Great Color Quest contest.

"I always put my candy in a dish I can eat out of and when I opened them up, there they were," said Gailey, referring to a dish full of orange M&Ms. "I didn't know what to think because they were supposed to be black and white. It's still hard to believe."

Gailey's orange candies made her a winner in M&Ms' contest. Last month, the candy maker started packaging M&Ms in black and white, but bags of red, orange, yellow, blue, green and brown candies were hidden around the country.

"We're very excited to have orange found and that means there are five other colors waiting to be found," said company spokesperson Vivian Jimenez.

Gailey wins a trip to Los Angeles, $20,000 and a Volkswagen beetle convertible that matches the color of her M&Ms.

Gailey is not a stingy woman by any means, but if you want M&Ms, you're going to have to get your own bag, because she's not sharing hers. "There's no sense in even asking me about that, because I'll tell them no right fast," she said.

She won't eat them, either. She's kept her M&Ms literally under lock and key. "I put them in my lock box, my safety deposit box, so in case my house burned down, my M&Ms would make it through there," she told us.

Now she plans to retire these orange candies to a more prominent place. "We're going to put them in a vase or something and put them on the mantel," Gailey said. "I'm going to frame the bag, too."

Gailey says orange is now her favorite color, and yes, she still plans to keep eating M&Ms.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,