Hardeeville Motor Speedway to Remain Open

If you feel the need for speed, you probably know the race track in the Low Country. But financial problems have the Hardeeville Motor Speedway on the verge of closing. Racers were worried that there would be no more runs this year, but the track is close to being leased out and the owner hopes to have engines roaring again soon.

Racers in Jasper County say they like their track and want it to stay open if at all possible. "The way it's shaped, the turns are real challenging to be able to compete, tight racing," said race car driver John Brown.

So they're pretty excited about the news that a new lease could be signed as soon as Friday afternoon. Owner Dennis Beach told city council Thursday that they hope to start racing again as early as this summer. "The Hardeeville Motor Speedway is one of our bigger businesses," said the city's Rob Dewig. "It's obviously a business we all want to see succeed and stay open. It's a good draw for the city."

For the city, it's good economically, but for the racers and their fans, it's all about having something fun to do and a good place to do it. "It's really important to us," said driver Brown. "We have about six cars that run out of our shop and we all bring the whole family and bring a lot of people with us, and it's good entertainment for the family and a place to bring your kids and have a good time."

Nothing is official yet, but the owner hopes to have all the paperwork wrapped up for the new lease early this afternoon.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com