InSITE--Look Around!

Do you ever get tired of the same old sights? Or sites? If the view from your sofa is getting old, I've been surfing around the 'Web and around the world to give you a new view. I decided to mix it up a little. Buckle up. This could be a bumpy ride, since some of the sites are around the world, and others are just plain strange.

Let's start with one I can't be sure will work. And I'm pretty sure it'll be dark. This is a place called "The Rocks." from the sound of things it's the heart of Sydney, Australia's tourist trade. They say was a base of the continent's original residents, and the place where the first Europeans settled. Now, it's shops and restaurants and entertainment, sounds cool. But we're not here for that kind of cool.

We want to take a look around, and we can with their Rocks Cam. Click in and check the view. This is a live camera mounted right on Sydney Harbour. The really cool part is you can control it. You click on the control icon, and it'll tell you how long you have to wait before it's your turn, watch the countdown clock. In the meantime, you can watch other people get views of the postcard Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge. When it's your turn, you'll have two minutes to pan and zoom and tilt and explore on your own.

Someplace I've always wanted to explore, Paris. You can't control the Eiffel Tower camera here, but you do get a couple of nice views of one of the world's best known landmarks. Even better, go to their gallery and check out a sort of greatest hits collection of pictures. They have the top ten shots of the tower, and two years of snapshots of fireworks on Bastille Day. Pick your favorites.

Leaving the French behind, let's head home.  If you went to the University of Georgia, you can reminisce a little on line with several views, this one the Athens campus from the top of the Geography - Geology building.

Not to be outdone, the University of South Carolina has a handful of live web cams as well, like this one overlooking campus landmarks in Columbia. Most I found seemed to be in labs or offices, and they're catch as catch can. Sometimes they're just dark.

This one is just dark, in a dark and creepy way. The roach cam. Not some dirty dorm room covered in old takeout boxes and beer cans, but a science lab where they do research on the things. I hope.