Is winter getting you down? Feeling a little blah? If you and your kids are stuck inside, you may as well have a little fun surfing. I wanted to find some slightly different places to visit, sites that probably won't make you smarter or richer or thinner, but might just take your mind off a bad day.

Here's one for the kids. Don't tell them, but it's actually a little educational. Coloring Site gives them a choice of categories and pictures.

Click one and you get what looks like a page from a traditional coloring book. I picked a TV photographer. The brush strokes and styles are here, along with the colors, and you can always undo or start over, and not waste paper or crayon. You can also print the page out when you're done. Doing this kids actually get a feel for grown up computer drawing programs.

Here's one along the same lines, but a lot simpler. It's just a drawing board. You can write with a marker on a dry erase board, or change it to your old school blackboard and chalk. You'll either love this and try to write or draw for hours, or get quickly frustrated and move on.

If you want to actually feel like you're using your brain, try Hooked on Facts. It's just a random fact generator, full of weird little tidbits you may someday actually use in conversation. Or maybe not.

This one makes absolutely no sense to me, but it's proof some people have way too much time on their hands. If you're bored at work, do you ever just hit the stapler? you can do it on line, and save staples. Even pick your machine.

When you are totally beyond boredom, stressed out by slow- loading sites or a truly terrible day at work, grab the bubble wrap. None around the office? You can find it on line, and pop the bubbles forever.