InSITE--New and Not So Improved? We Have Help!

If you have a computer, you know it's almost always about newer, bigger, faster. But what if it's not better? I found a tiny little web site based on the premise that new and improved do not always go together. Have you ever bought a new program, or downloaded a new version of one of your old favorites, and really hated what they did? This site is where you want to go.
It's Olderversion . The premise is sometimes we upgrade our software, and regret it. If you've been on the computer for any time at all, you relate. The new version doesn't run on your operating system. Doesn't do what your old version did, or not in the same way. You wish you never got rid of the old one. That's where Oldversion comes in. Take a look at the list of programs they have here. All the chat programs like instant messenger and ICQ. Yes, AOL is here. Even the utilities you live by, WinZip and Acrobat. But they're not the newest versions.
Let's take AOL for example. The version they're shipping right now on new computers is 9.0. Oldversion gets really old. You could actually download and install version 1.1 if you need it. Why would you need it? If you have an old computer that still works, and you want to put it in the kids room, or give it to someone just starting out, it's not going to run version 9.0. But it might do fine on AOL 3. One interesting note, and AOL may be the best example. Version 1, 700k download. Version 4, 31mb download. My, how we've grown. Note also at the top of the page they list the company, web site, and current version, so you can at least look at the newer versions, and read about the program.
Here's another good example. Microsoft Internet Explorer, great browser, even back to version 3 or so, when there was competition. Leaner and maybe a little hungrier, but will run on your older machines. O ne of the most valuable resources on the site isn't even a program, it's their message boards . Again, simple, only a handful of forums. Y ou can ask other users what happened to favorite programs or sites , even get advice on the old programs you still use. H ere's where it gets really helpful, with a long list of programs you can download , some for free, that can help with your computing experience. I f there's a program you remember and miss, you can even post here and they'll try to find it for you, or find someone who'll help.