Mayor Presents British with Key to Savannah

In just four months, the Coastal Empire will host the G-8 Summit in Sea Island, Georgia. Savannah is already welcoming delegations from all over the world who are preparing for their own roles in the upcoming summit.

On Saturday night, Savannah mayor, Dr. Otis Johnson, presented the key to the city to Great Britain's delegation. The British will be visiting Savannah over the next few days. Over the last several days, Savannah has hosted the French and Russian delegations. Barry Bennett, the communications director for 2004 G-8 Summit, says the city can expect the members of the German, Japanese, Italian and Canadian delegations as well.

"Everyone comes in to look at the sites to do their planning for the hundreds and hundreds of people they're bringing for the summit," Bennett explains.

The 30th Group of Eight Summit will be held in Sea Island, Georgia from June 8 - 10, 2004. Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States will attend. The European Union will also be present, represented by the President of the European Commission and the leader of the country holding the Presidency of the European Council. Leaders usually discuss a wide range of international economic, security and political issues. Savannah will also host some members of country delegations as well as the domestic and international press corps.