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Editorial 12/19/11

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‘Tis the season for nonsense.  There's, of course, the usual tussle over Christmas displays in public. Said a California superintendent: "when displaying holiday decorations in school, there should be no association with any religious affiliation, for instance, Santa, poinsettias, Christmas trees, etc."  Good advice, since nothing reminds us more of Christ's birth, than seeing Santa at the mall.

Politicians, too, sample the fruitcake.  The Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut, wants approval for illegal residents there to be able to vote in city elections.  Forget about the law, be happy.  California Senator Boxer claimed that a Republican effort to delay new EPA boiler regulations would kill "8,100" people a year.  Another example of the precise-clairvoyance of career-politicians.  Meanwhile, DNC Chair Debbie Schultz denies that unemployment has gone up under the current White House.  Suggest a math-check on aisle 7, Deb.  Then there's the PC-hobbled Defense Department, ordered to refer to the Radical Islam-inspired Fort Hood massacre as (quote): "workplace violence."  If that's true, World War II was simply a little difference among neighbors.  Lastly, this from the President during a recent "60-Minutes" interview (quote):  "I would put our legislation and foreign policy accomplishments, in our first two-years, against any president, with the possible exception of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln…"  Well, as we all know, Washington, Jefferson, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan and others, were imposters, inept presidential powder-puffs, arrogant beyond belief, whose positive deeds were scant, their legacies barren. Thankfully, all that White house tarnish is now behind us.  On that note of redemption, minus those who view poinsettias and Santa, and feel hopelessly entangled in the strangle-hold of religion, we wish you, your family, and friends, safe and joyful blessings of the season. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

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