Miss Savannah in Court on Murder Charge

Miss Savannah, Nikki Redmond, was back in court, but not to tell her side of the story. Instead, the story was being told by the other woman. The woman who was engaged to the man Redmond's accused of killing, Kevin Shorter.

"I told her Nikki don't shoot him, he's not worth it," said an emotional Rachel Hall.

Hall went on to say that after the shooting Shorter pled with his fiancee.

"He said Rachel help me I'm dying."

As 23 year old Rachel Hall spoke about what happened that December night, Redmond's attorney did his best to disqualify her as a witness.

"What she's saying is not complete," said Redmond's attorney Michael Schiavone. "And that there's a motive and a reason for her to not be completely true about what happened."

Schiavone also hammered away at police investigators, questioning the validity of the police report and claiming police didn't not do a thorough investigation.

"It raised some serious questions about the search they conducted, the lack of search they did at the house, said Schiavone. "It raises some questions about the investigation , it raises questions about the facts that the state is trying to advance."

While Nikki Redmond sat motionless, Chief Recorder's Court Judge Larry Dillon decided there was enough evidence to be heard by a grand jury.

Reported by Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com