Avoid making home target for holiday thieves


Savannah-Chatham Metro Police offer tips for staying safe on Christmas. 
Police recommend keeping a record of serial numbers on new gifts, including items such as bicycles and electronics. Serial numbers help when returning a gift and identifying it if it's stolen, according to police. 
Police caution against leaving packaging from gifts clearly visible in the trash, outside in or the garage. Boxes can tip off thieves about what's in your house, making it a target. 
Avoid leaving gifts that are going to be returned in plain view around the house. Lock them up or put them in your vehicle's trunk. 
Police urge homeowners to keep all their doors and windows locked and to make sure ladders are secured inside the garage. 
It takes criminals about 8 minutes to break in, get what they want and exit a home, according to SCMPD. 
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