InSITE--Valentine's Day

Consider yourself warned. There's plenty of time to do what you need to do for your sweetheart this Valentines Day. But it you're still short of ideas, never fear I found some suggestions for the holiday of the heart. Don't wait 'til half an hour before the mall closes.

Start by surfing right to our site, and scroll on to the obvious Valentine's Day Link. We try to help with all the holidays. Even though we are a business, there are actually some good, non- commercial ideas here. Ideas that won't cost you a dime.


So let's start there. Not all exactly free, but the key to the ideas is how to surprise the one you love. Warning here, some of them are a bit racy. But they start with something as simple as doing the household chores, or surprising sweetie at work.


At home, there's a long list of romantic favorites, from movies to songs. Check your mate's taste here and you might just find a long-forgotten key to spark the romance. Speaking of spices, literally, we've put together an entire section on cooking up love on Valentine's Day. Start at the top with breakfast in bed, move on to the appetizers, another long list. Shrimp and cheese strudel. It actually sounds pretty good, i'm not sure if i have the skills to pull it off, but it sounds good.


There are drinks and entire dinners, and deserts to try. One hint from the voice of experience, if you're not handy in the kitchen, maybe you should try these before the big night, so you don't wind up getting take out for Valentine's Day dinner.


Now, back to that gift thing. Everybody does candy and flowers, and that's fine. But how about trying something home-made to go along with them? Maybe you could help your kids do something nice for Mom or Dad or even the grandparents. These are simple craft projects you, or you and the kids can do together.


Since you're probably going to do the flower thing at some point, check out the list of what those blooms really mean, It just might surprise you, and save some embarrassment. You wouldn't want to give marigolds or lavender or dill to the wrong person. To find out why there could be a wrong person, well, you'll have to look it up.