Someone You Should Know--Jillane Shuman

Jillane Shuman
Jillane Shuman

She's only in seventh grade, but already Jillane Shuman is making a difference. She reached out to the family of a fellow student who was sick and in desperate need of financial assistance. When 13-year-old Jillane found out fellow student Christine Cope needed money for a heart transplant, she went to work making candy necklaces to sell to students for $1.

"We're usually hungry, so I figured they'd like that, so I started selling them and I couldn't even make them fast enough," Jillane told us.

She made close to 200. "I'd come home and do it and I'd do it forever and just finish it out and I'd run out of candy and I'd run out to Wal-mart and get the candy," she said.

And she did this for a student she didn't even know. They didn't share any classes together, but Jillane says that didn't make a difference. "I felt really bad for her because I didn't want her to die," said Jillian. "She was really in serious condition, so I felt like I needed to do something for her."

We caught up with Jillane a few weeks ago to tell her story, but Christine was still too ill to make it to class. Now we're happy to report she's doing a lot better and the two recently met for the very first time. After meeting her face to face, Christine not only has a new heart, but now she has a new friend in Jillane, who says if she had it to do all over, again she'd do it with pleasure. "It was really worth it, because she may not have been here today and she is," she said.

"I really want to say thank you because I think that helped me recover as fast as I did," added Christine. "It started to make me feel better to know people cared for me."

People like Jillane Shuman. She's Someone You Should Know.

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