Editorial - 12/26/11

The President's recent campaign speech in Kansas, stressed the desirability of working together, so that everyone (quote):  "engages in fair play, gets a fair shot, and does their fair share."   Let's dig through the politi-fluff in search of that wooly-mammoth named truth.  First, "fair play" for everyone.  Fair-play, as in the EPA's efforts to strangle U.S. manufacturers and our entire energy-sector, hoping to over-regulate them into submission. And the "fair play" of the NRLB's ham-fisted-attempt to shut down Boeing's new plant in right-to-work South Carolina.  And the DOJ's suits against our own states for D.C.'s negligence. And the jam-down, disappearing mega-billion stimulus, along with its twin debacle, the financially-disastrous, put-insurers-out-of-business, turn-doctors-into-federal- employees, don't-get-sick-when-you're-old, healthcare scheme. Fair play works, but only when the Fed-version prevails.

Next, the "fair shot." With few exceptions, everyone is born with that a fair and equal shot. The results, then, are up to you.  If you take your education seriously, gain knowledge and skills, offer benefit to employers, and then work your butt off, you'll succeed, and the rewards will follow.  If you don't, they won't.  And despite wishing you were in Europe, where they pay you just for breathing, with all of America's opportunities, if you squander your "fair shots," the fault is yours. Finally, there's "everyone's fair share." That's left-wing code for tax and hammer the job-creators.  Fact is, the top wage-earners already pay well-more than their fair share.  We don't need higher taxes.  We need more people paying them.  That's fair-share reality!  Realistic fairness, for all, is the essence of a free nation.  But it becomes a charade, when the rules are set, and the referees chosen, by power-hungry, self-gratifying, political-panders in Washington, D.C.