Top Teacher--Sabrina Waters

Sabrina Waters
Sabrina Waters

When you look at life through the eyes of a child, it holds wonder and possibility. First grade teachers get to enjoy that view every day from their students. Sabrina Waters teaches first grade at Screven County Elementary School and says her job is a dream come true.

"I've always wanted to be a teacher," she told us. "I've always known that, always loved children. Always wanted to be a teacher."

First grade is important in helping to lay down the foundation for a child's education. Waters hopes to leave an imprint on each of her students. "To think I've made a difference makes me feel special, that I made a difference in their life," she said.

"Mrs. Waters is my favorite teacher and she does things for us sometimes," student Destiny Jones said.

"She asks us questions, if we know the answer to them, she will give us a bag of candy hearts," added classmate Sierra Lambdin.

"They teach me things," said Waters. "I mean they are smart. I just enjoy them so much, they love you unconditionally, so much fun to teach."

Sabrina Waters, this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla,