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Editorial - 1/02/11

As Christmas decorations come down, and government regulations go up,  previously-dashed hope-of-the-real-kind, re-emerges for a far more honest, responsible, prosperous and sane New Year, many times more-so, than recent ones now past.  Real hope and desire to re-ignite our nation's past-positives, not the politically-hollow kind, platitudes spoken, unencumbered by action. 

Hand-wringing in the New Year, the EPA continues its regulatory crusade to strangle coal-fired power plants, ultimately raising costs for all impacted consumers, in today's purposefully-engineered land of the great divide.  Ironically, given D.C.'s relentless blocking and tackling, 2012's most prominent sector, projecting real job growth, is that of oil and natural gas, increasingly produced from our nation's vast, sub-surface, shale formations, with extraction now made economically-feasible, due solely to private-industry innovation.  And do understand that fact.  The flickers of light on our economic recovery-candle are due solely to the resilience, persistence, and ingenuity of America's private-sector and those who labor within.  Mis-guided government efforts to "buy," rather than create jobs, have done nothing to (quote) "stimulate" growth.  This is American capitalism working overtime to heal itself.    

And, finally, this year also brings the positive-promise of national elections, giving genuine, nation-loving Americans the opportunity to build on the gains of 2010, by further righting the unfortunate wrongs of 2008.   May the winds of both our private-sector-driven economic-vitality, and of new, tradition-respecting, proud-of-America political leaders, grow ever stronger, generating a year to remember.  This time, for all the right reasons!

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