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Editorial Salute - 01/5/12

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As reported by this week's Army Times, Sergeant Timothy Gilboe's stark remembrance of his life & death encounter, was saying to himself : "This is going to hurt a lot."  The Sergeant's reference was to a face-to-face  encounter he had with an insurgent in an Afghan firefight.

While on patrol in a village, there, the enemy opened fire on his platoon, immediately wounding two fellow soldiers and setting fire to the backpack of another, full of ammunition.  As Sergeant Gilboe returned fire and then quickly attempted to put-out the backpack engulfed now in flames, he saw an insurgent running toward him.  Unarmed at that point, instinct kicked in, as he charged the armed-insurgent, grabbed his rife barrel, to ensure it was pointing at his chest-armor to hopefully minimize the outcome, knowing that regardless, it was "going to hurt a lot."  As expected the enemy combatant  fired several shots, hitting his armor, but also his legs, knocking the Sergeant to the ground.  Somehow, he had the strength to get up and take on the guy hand-to-hand, pummeling him, until a buddy was able to more-efficiently dispatch the insurgent. Although wounded himself, Sergeant Gilboe continued the fight, this time with the aid of his machine gun, while also tending to the needs of the wounded, and getting them evacuated, all before tending to himself.

For his efforts to protect and save fellow soldiers, Army Sergeant Timothy Gilboe, a member of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, was, last month, awarded the Silver Star for "gallantry in action."   One outstanding military member, among so very many, who by training and commitment, readily take-on personal sacrifice to save others, while proudly-serving our great nation. 

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