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Editorial - 01/9/12

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Certainly some good news, we're told.  December's unemployment number dropped to 8.5%.  And so it would be, if you prefer falsehood to truth.  Fact is, that number keeps edging downward, because it fails to count all those who've stopped looking.  Add them back in, along with those forced to work part-time, but needing full, and the real unemployment number approaches double that! The other cheery note is that, in December's final week, new unemployment-applications dropped again.  Now down to just 372,000!  The kind of news that makes giddy-Feds wanna slap-on their tap-shoes and satins, but clearly bad news for those thousands of out-of-work Americans now-forced to file. Doing the math, we continue to hit well over a-million new unemployment filings a month.   And our current 15.22- trillion national debt, now exceeds our annual GDP.  Yet Fed spending is still on after-burner, running over 4-billion a day, on borrowed money, and borrowed time.    

But here's news that actually should bring a smile to the face of that little 2012 cherub with the sash and diaper, the latter item, one we'll all be needing, if things don't change.  An 18-year-old Oklahoma now-single Mom, whose husband had just died of cancer on Christmas Day, heard someone trying to break into her home last week.  She called 9-11, then barricaded herself and her 3-month-old baby in her bedroom.  When the slug kicked-in the bedroom door and came at her with a knife, to protect her child and herself, she gave the sob a free ride to Satanville, with a shotgun assist.  Self-preservation-triggered vermin disposal. Now who is it, again, among the clueless-progressive-puffies, who thinks anti-2nd Amendment gun-control is a good idea?  Answer:  No one among the sane. 

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