Fit Club: 28 Day Challenge kickoff

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - With determination in their eyes, and a pep in their step more than 100 people gathered at Daffin Park to put their fitness goals in motion through the 28 Day Fit Club Challenge.

"I came out for my health reasons," said Michelle Jones. "I have a father who has Alzheimer's, and we have high blood pressure and diabetes in our family."

Behind the sweat and grunts, each person has a story to tell about why they need to be a part of this challenge.

"I have been working every day," said Joy Pollock. "I get so tired from work. I just sit down. So I told myself, I am going to start off the new year and start with this boot camp."

These challengers will transform their bodies by following the plans laid out by local fitness experts free of charge.

"I am hoping they stick to program," said Fleet Feet Trainer Lydia DePue. "I think it is a great resource they are getting all of this for free. "I hope they make lifestyle changes."

This week Fleet Feet Sports, Richmond Hill Trainer Heath Stubbs and Mr. Georgia 2009 Adam Lane took the challengers through a rigorous boot camp.

"Some of the exercises were pretty basic but for people who haven't worked out in a while, it was pretty intense for them," said Stubbs.

"I think it will be challenging but it will be fun, as well, because it's not about how much you lose, it's about eating right and getting healthy," said Jones.

Whether they win the challenge or not, challengers will see the rewards.

"They are going to feel better," said Stubbs. "They are going to feel better about themselves and there is no way they aren't going to get some results out of their body."

If you didn't get a chance to register for the challenge, you can still participate and get free fitness advice. Visit the Fit Club page fir the free workouts and diet plans.

The next boot camp is Saturday at 180 Fitness in Statesboro and D1 Sports in Savannah.

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